Revival of Vasiliko Vineyard

Between Mount Erymanthos and Mount Panachaicon at an altitude of 130 meters above the sea, lies the fertile plain of Vasiliko. In this region, which is protected by the southern hot winds beeing at the same time open to the sea of Patraikos Gulf and its cool winds, lying the biological Dimakopoulos vineyards. The Vineyards is a privately owned area of ​​70 acres witch is cultivated since 1997 with organically certified manner the Greek grappe varieties: Muscat of Rio, Malagouzia, Assyrtiko, Roditis, Mavrodafni, Agiorgitiko, red Koritsanos and the international varieties Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The vines formation scheme is the traditional for the region cup-shap on which every year - by the art of pruning - the production of each variety is formed.

All the cultivated varieties of our vineyards are for suitable for vinification. The implementation of a proper irrigation program is paramount especially during summer, contribute significantly to the improvement of the quality of the grapes - thus our wines. Necessary conditions for achieving this are, first, the precise determination of the irrigation application time depending on the water requirements of plants in different phenological stages and secondly, the water situation of those at this time. To achieve all this an underground irrigation system using drops of water is installed in all our vineyards. Application of irrigation water is done based on the experience and capabilities of growers in conjunction with the prevailing symthikes (vegetative stage, evapotranspiration, root depth etc. system) in order to be most effective. Main source of the necessary irrigation water resources is the proprietary drilling was opened in 1985 and since then supplies the land with the precious water that is rich in subsoil water.

The excellent quality of the irrigation water (based of existing analysis) consists in neutral ph, the average mineral content and high in minerals content. Additionally, the existence of the river Pyrrhus few meters further strengthens and maintains the water in underground layers of soil in the area. The proper irrigation policy implemented by the winemakers - our winegrowers is guided to maintain adequate water status of plants of each variety always according to growing conditions and the final destination as the expected wine. Finally, noteworthy is the fact that both the right cultivating policy and the choice of organic practices (fertilization with manure, milling, etc. soil recycling) together with the location of vineyards create conditions that vineyards are home to certain species of wild animals such as foxes, hares, badgers, rodents. The existence of animals as well as wild plants show the vitality, the vitality and productivity of our land.