Our Philosophy

The winery of Dimakopoulos Vineyards leverages the production of the 70 acre biologically cultivated vineyard, located in the Vasiliko vilage of the Municipality Erymanthos in Achaia.

The owners expanded the cultivation of various Greek and foreign varieties to the particular soil and climatic conditions of the region. The diversity of the organoleptic characteristics of each led at the 'combination' of many of them in a suitable ratio into a final wine. The desire and vision of wine was to revive and ideally achieve an old habit of the small winegrowers of past times, who was mixing all grapes produced in the vines to create the wine of the year. Thus flavors and aromas of the past 'woken' by creating three multi-varietal wines, wherein combined four different varieties in dry white wine, 5 different varieties in dry red wine and 7 different varieties in dry rosé wine.

The collection of the three wines created by the second generation by applying the winery ideas and innovative methods in strict compliance with the highest quality standards combined with the experience and expertise of their heirs.

With love and inherited knowledge of viticulture and winemaking, Dimakopoulos family maintains a tradition of over 20 years of constant high quality of its products. Their main concern is to respect the trust of our customers by offering high organoleptic features organic wines.

The three wines of 'Vineyards Dimakopoulos' offer a delicious journey into the magical world of wine tickled the palate and leave a strong full taste in the mouth. In this journey the tastiest note is the fact that these three wines are nothing short of bottled taste of the landscape, the scent of the earth, climate and flora, all the features of the separate place Achaean denatured into a liquid.

The wine was pallet achieved by winemakers contains a dose of the particular color of each variety, achieving a taste and satisfaction table.

Finally, they match perfectly with all your favorite traditional dishes, but also of the international cuisine.